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ith the Prince Imperials death the succession to the throne would normally have passed to the Prince Imperial’s brother Don Angel. However Don Angel in turn and at the request of the then reigning Emperor Maximilian of Mexico abdicated his rights to his only child Don Augustin, who had by then been adopted by the Emperor Maximilian.

On September 15 1865 Maximilian Emperor of Mexico concluded an agreement with the Iturbide family the culmination of which was the adoption by the Emperor of two of the grandsons of the Emperor Augustin I namely Don Augustin and Don Salvador.

Following the conclusion and signing of this agreement, Don Augustin was nominated heir to the throne. The children’s titles of Prince accorded the family in 1822 were confirmed. Maximilian’s idea in making Don Augustin his heir was presumably to combine in one person his own and the native claims under the house of Habsburg - Iturbide. Perhaps he felt that through this measure he could hold out to the Mexican people the hope that the sceptre would descend to a full blooded Mexican of Imperial lineage.

Don Augustin was educated at San Michele and at Ascot school. He later attended university at Georgetown where he graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. It was noted in many newspapers of the day that during his sojourn in Europe he enjoyed all the social advantages, which are given to an Imperial Prince.

Following his studies and the tour of Europe he returned to Mexico. He soon became the figurehead for the monarchist movement and most of the conservative forces opposed to the dictatorial President Diaz including the church. In 1890 President Porfirio Diaz claiming that Don Augustin was interfering in political affairs and fearing his ever growing popularity had Don Augustin imprisoned for 14 months and upon his release exiled him from Mexico confiscating all of his extensive property.

Don Augustin went into exile in Washington DC and was for many years professor of French and Spanish at his old alma mater Georgetown University. Following his 14 months in prison and subsequent exile Don Augustin suffered a severe nervous breakdown. Some years later his nervous condition returned and he became convinced that the Mexican government were arranging his assassination. This obsession progressively got worse and eventually led to a complete physical breakdown. In the spring of 1925 he died. He was buried in Philadelphia next to his grandmother the Empress.

Don Augustin had married Maria Louise Kearney but this union remained childless. Upon his death his claim to the throne passed to his niece and the descendant of the other adopted grandson of the Emperor Augustin Don Salvador.


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