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on Maximiliano is the undisputed head of the Imperial house of Mexico and heir to throne as heir to both the Iturbide and Habsburg tradition. He has been head of the Imperial House for over 50 years but plays no political role and does not pursue any claim.

Don Maximiliano is fluent in Spanish, German and English. He resides in Australia where he is a successful businessman and landowner. Apart from his business activities he is a keen and active sportsmen. He rides out every day and is an avid skier and sailor and has taken part in several yachting races.

Don Maximiliano married Doña Maria Anna de Francecshi in 1990. Doña Maria Anna is descended from a line of Croatian and Venetian nobles who owned great estates in Croatia and Dalmatia. They have two children, the heir Don Fernando born in 1992 and Doña Emanuela born in 1998.



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