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nterest in the Mexican Monarchy has enjoyed something of a renaissance and resurgence in the last few years and there are now several sites dedicated to the history of the monarchy in Mexico and the house of Iturbide.

As far as we are aware, this is the only site to have the secured the help of the head of the Imperial house of Mexico, Don Maximiliano de Götzen – Iturbide. Don Maximiliano is not only the Iturbide lineal heir but is also the heir of the Habsburg tradition in Mexico and he has been gracious enough to grant us permission to utilise some of his collection of photographs, paintings and documents.

Although Don Maximiliano has been gracious enough to help by supplying photographs and documents, Don Maximiliano is not in any way responsible for any of the content on this site nor has he been asked to approve any of the text.

Another point we would like to make is that while this site is dedicated to the tradition of the monarchy in Mexico and it’s history. That is all it is. it is not a political forum and we do not presume to advocate any change in the Mexican state’s form. While the webmaster favours a return to monarchy, whatever form of government Mexico chooses to adopt now or in the future, is entirely and alone the democratic preserve of the Mexican people.

Mexico had two experiments with a monarchical form of government in the 19th century. Both were rather short lived and both sovereigns paid for their heroic stand and to their respective dedication to the cause of Monarchy in Mexico with their lives.

Mexico was conquered by Hernan Cortes for Spain at the beginning of the 16th century. Renamed New Spain it was regarded as the Jewel in the Crown of the Spanish Empire in South America.

Please Note: The English version of this site is largely a translation from the Spanish. Many of the articles, especially on the Emperor Agustin I, the prince Imperial, Don Salvador de Iturbide, Doña Josefa etc. are abbreviated. For a more complete version please see the Spanish version.


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