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ollowing the Emperor Agustin’s untimely and tragic death his claim passed to his eldest son the Prince Imperial. Born at Valladolid on the 30th September 1807, Don Augustin, the Prince Imperial, was educated at the famous English Roman Catholic boarding school of Ampleforth in Yorkshire.

Although the Prince Imperial never married it is alleged that he fathered an illegitimate daughter by an unknown lady. This alleged illegitimate daughter later married Nicholas Fernandez de Pierola who subsequently became President of the republic of Peru.

The Prince Imperial served as an attaché in the Mexican legation in London and later as a volunteer he fought with the pontifical army. Having seen the restoration of the monarchy under Emperor Maximilian, he approved the adoption of his nephews Don Agustin and Don Salvador by the Emperor and died unmarried the following year in New York on 11 December 1866.


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